Touchable Texture by stacy spangler

Touchable Texture

How to give your artwork Touchable Texture-The ultimate course. 

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Create Amazing Texture!

Draw people into your art with amazing touchable texture. In this extensive course, I will teach you everything I know about creating texture in your artwork. From my favorite products to specific techniques for creating layers and texture, I will teach you how to make your art stand out with "touchable texture". 

This course is broken into 6-week sections, and we will create 5 small pieces as we learn techniques. In addition to all this, you will have hands on application with a bonus lesson where we will create a mixed media floral artwork step by step. Course will be LIVE on May 1, 2020.

Touchable Texture...

Create 5 mini works- plus a bonus step by step demo- as you learn a variety of techniques to incorporate texture with acrylic paints.